Author: Lisa Robbin Young

Is your niche even profitable? How to find the right niche as a creative entrepreneur

Whether you love her or hate her, Katy Perry's got a brand that's immediately recognizable in a niche that's unlike anyone else in the industry. Wanna know how you can do the same thing?

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6 Good Reasons To Consider An LLC for your creative business

Many business owners, especially ones just getting started, typically choose a sole proprietorship, instead of an LLC (limited liability company). It makes sense. A sole proprietorship enables them to have complete control over their company, doesn't come with too many hurdles, and is often the least expensive option to legitimize your business in the eyes […]

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How to Create a Soulful Business That's True to You

We kick off this season with a look at how to build a business that's true to you. You know... a business that keeps you from selling your soul! How do we do that?

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How to strengthen customer relationships in your creative business

Marketing noise is on the rise. It is harder to be seen and heard than ever before. At least, in some ways. The truth is that your existing customers, fans, and subscribers are still your best source of new business - that is, if your relationship is strong enough. If they're not thinking of you […]

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How to reach a global audience with your creative business

Most creative entrepreneurs I know are quite content to make just enough cash to pay the bills and keep a roof over their heads without having to work 50-60 hours a week. As my own business coaching practice has grown, I've discovered that more than 40% of my clients are in a position where they […]

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What is The Real Cost of Your Side Hustle?

We all have our own business dreams. Maybe you're struggling to pull the trigger or have no idea how to start a business without compromising your ideals. I've been there! But, setting up your side hustle and working on it in the off hours, could be the springboard to something that’s worth going full time […]

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How Best To Delegate: 3 Tips To Help You Be A Better Entrepreneur

Running a business requires a lot of juggling. Work piles up, and if your support team isn't on point, you have to sort it out yourself. As a creative entrepreneur, that's one less thing you want to deal with - amirite?  I've talked in previous posts about the importance of delegation. At some point, you […]

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Start outsourcing now: 4 places creatives should look

If you've been following my most recent posts, you'll notice a theme: delegation. Sometimes, delegation takes the form of outsourcing. Most creatives I've met have a laundry list of things they'd love to pass off to someone else, but don't really know where to begin. That's what we're going to tackle today. Outsourcing offers a […]

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How to start a business without compromising your ideals

Starting your own business can be a mammoth task, no matter what your background. It is also an incredibly exciting time when you’re full of ideas and goals that you want to see through to fruition. New offers! New clients! New possibilities! Everything feels so fresh, new, and full of possibilities. Unfortunately, for many new […]

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How to maintain a blog that boost your business

I've said before that I'm an Internet Marketing dinosaur. With over 25 years in the online world, I know the value that digital marketing can bring to any business. I had a website for years before blogs were a thing. After a little while on Myspace (remember that?), I decided to dip my toe into […]

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