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Creative Freedom Book

Creative Freedom: How To Own Your Dreams Without Selling Your Soul

No more “blueprints” or “formulas” that try to shoe-horn you into something that doesn’t work! Use your Creative Freedom Entrepreneur Type and stage of business development to build a customized 12-month road map to grow your creative business in a way that works for you.

The Secret Watch

The Secret Watch

When a struggling small business owner meets an elderly business woman, she's given a gift - an old silver pocket watch. But this watch has a secret: the inscription changes each day, sharing messages of inspiration and challenging the owner to define success on their own terms. Can Tina master the lessons of The Secret Watch and turn her business (and her life) around before time runs out?


The Fine Line

If you like Pink Martini or Postmodern Jukebox, you'll love this collection of pop-infused jazz and blues tunes. Lisa's third album contains 15 tracks, 2 of which (Photoshop Me and What Love Can Do) are originals!

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The Secret Watch Coaching Card Deck

A jumbo/tarot sized deck of 60 cards, color-coded to match all the inscriptions of the secret watch


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Join The Rising Tide!

Our FREE training center is always open and waiting for you! Register to access some of my most popular programs, plus all the downloadable content from each episode of Creative Freedom.

Learn more about the Creative Freedom Incubator

Learn more about the Creative Freedom Incubator

More courses for you to explore:


Find Your Audience

Your Raving Fans are already out there, looking for you. You just need to know where they are and how to reach them. Find Your Audience is a workshop designed to help you discover your best clients.

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Raving Fans ToolKit

The 4 essential elements to building a profitable creative empire and developing your audience of Raving Fans.

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Navigating Uncertainty


Our "Town Hall" session talking about my research on fear, uncertainty, and the everyday courage already within you.

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Cashflow Creator

Find the REAL money in your business so you can grow with stability and greater ease.

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Path to Creative Freedom

Learn about the Creative Freedom Habits - the 9 habits of every successful creative entrepreneur. Tuition may be applied to the full course.

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dreamblazing: ignite a path to your dreams


Plan. Do. Evaluate. Take it step-by-step and in just a few hours, you'll get clarity on what really matters to you and have a clear road map to achieving those goals and dreams in the next 12 months (and beyond)!

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Overcoming Underearning for creative entrepreneurs banner

Overcoming Underearning For Creative Entrepreneurs

Gain more confidence, clarity, and courage with "the money stuff" in your creative business!

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Creative Freedom Apprenticeship

Creative Freedom Aprenticeship

Is your business knowledge more like patchwork quilt of with a lot of holes? The Creative Freedom Apprenticeship helps you build a solid foundation of business know-how in each of the 4 foundations of a healthy business: Mindset, Money, Marketing, and Business Management.

A-Club logo

Accountability Club (A-Club)

A community of creative entrepreneurs that includes monthly training, quarterly goal planning, one-on-one coaching, and weekly accountability check-ins to help you stay on track with your goals and dreams.

Direct Sales Classroom

From starting your business to growing a strong team, Direct Sales Classroom is a comprehensive training program to help any direct sales professional have a profitable and sustainable business.

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