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I'm Lisa Robbin Young.
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I’m a multi-passionate, Fusion Creative. You may have found my Insta through Encore! on Disney+. Maybe you've read one of my books, listened to my music or podcast, or saw me on stage or in my show, Creative Freedom.

I’ve built a profitable career as a creative entrepreneur, and I help folks like you do the same.

Learn how to run your business your way -- without sacrificing your creativity, your health, or your ethics.

I’ve been an online entrepreneur for almost 30 years (Yeah. I feel old saying that!) I’ve been on the payroll (with signed NDA’s) for best-selling authors, music superstars, performing artists, and big idea entrepreneurs that want their message to reach more Raving Fans.

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2022 "Thanksgiving Egg" Episode - Creative Freedom with Lisa Robbin Young

This is a bonus episode that you won't find anywhere else. Not on the blog, not on social. Only for our podcast listeners. Like an Easter egg, but it's Thanksgiving. So Happy Thanksgiving!
  1. 2022 "Thanksgiving Egg" Episode
  2. [S7E8] Big Fish, Little Pond: How to Break Through to Greater Visibility
  3. [S7E7] Is Your Fear of Visibility Really an Asset?
  4. [S7E6] How to Gain an Audience Without Becoming a Target
  5. [S7E5] Safety or success? Do you really have to choose?

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