Break through your plateau and grow your Noble Empire ...without the endless hustle!

If you feel like your business is having a hard time growing beyond its current set point, The Creative Freedom Incubator can help you break through your plateau, become a leader in your market and grow a profitable, sustainable business doing what you love... without having to sell your soul to do it!

If you're a creative entrepreneur, then I know you're smart, talented, and have a LOT going for you. That's just how you're wired. I see you. I get you. I AM you.

You're also probably great at the "creative" part, but the "entrepreneur" part feels overwhelming at times. At the very least it takes you away from doing what you love (in life AND work!). You're also probably cranking out great ideas left and right, but there always seems to be too little time to implement "all the things". You're probably still wearing most, if not all, the hats and your fingers are in too many pies to have any sense of sustainability. And sometimes... the things you accomplish don't turn out the way you had hoped, leaving you feeling a little defeated.

It's not you. I promise.

Maybe you don't know HOW to run a sustainable business in the first place. Maybe you've figured out profit. But, being able to actually step away from work to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Well, that's a bit more challenging. You're doing what you can, based on the cobbled together education you've gotten from books, online courses, masterclasses, and other "hard knocks" from the school of life. You've learned (and probably done) a LOT, but that still doesn't solve the problem...

You only have so much time, energy, and money to go around. That makes it even more important to focus on getting the most out of all your resources.

High school economics taught me that EVERYTHING has an opportunity cost. Every minute you spend doing one thing is time you CAN'T spend doing something else. Every DOLLAR you spend doing one thing is a dollar you can't spend somewhere else.

Any resource you invest in one thing can't be used somewhere else!

That means in order to focus on doing the work you love - the creating, the innovating, and inspiring your audience with your Great Work - you have to let someone else handle the other tasks that drain you.

Before you can do that, though, you need to make some strategic plans. WHAT needs to shift to meet your goals? WHO will do that work? HOW will they get it done? Armed with those answers, THEN, you can get help to bring those plans to life.

Blueprints and formulas can only take you so far - a harsh reality you're probably experiencing now.

When you hit a plateau, it's not because you need more learning. It's either because you need a strategic plan or more hands to implement your plan. There's only so much of you to go around and, at some point, it might be nice to not have to hustle all the time, am I right?

Opportunity costs, my friend!

I hear you saying "But, Lisa! It costs too much to get help."

The pain of hiring help is real.

I'm a Fusion creative myself, so I know the pain - it takes too much time to train someone; it's faster if you do it yourself. And what if they can't keep up? Then you've lost precious time training someone that you've got to let go and start this roller coaster all over again! Ugh! Besides, you're pretty good at stuff, so shouldn't you be doing it?

Um, no.

Because it's not your zone of genius. There's a nexus point where you're doing what you're good at AND enjoy. That's your zone of genius. It's almost impossible to stay there all the time (especially if you're still putting out fires in your business), but you can get to a point where most of your focus is in your zone of genius...

Yes, you can, and I want to help you get there.

The only way that you are going to be able to do this though is with the help of others. It might feel like a nightmare now, but when the burden is being shared with someone else, a sense of relief will be all that you feel. Or, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of training someone, you can hire outside services to aid you on your venture. They already know what they are doing, and you can hire specialist areas such as an online reputation management agency a little further down the road.

It's time to stop listening to all the "shoulds" and design a business that works in the way that works for you.

You need to be strategic about what you do and DON'T do in order to play to your strengths. If you're a multi-passionate Fusion Creative, you can't just pick ONE thing. That's okay. Lean into it. If you're a visionary Chaotic creative, the experience is everything to you. Build on THAT. If you're a results-driven Linear creative, your systems and processes are worth their weight in gold. Use them!

Hard Truth: there is no ONE right way to build a business, and yet, the ONLY way that will work for you is the one that's wired for how you work best.

The better you know yourself and how you're wired to work, the easier it is to experience the success you've been missing!

I've been a creative entrepreneur for over 25 years. I've helped thousands of creatives build successful businesses in a variety of industries. Time and again, I've seen the same pattern that takes a business owner from struggling to success.

If you want to experience true success - to actually feel like the success you are achieving - you need clarity, confidence, and courage in your life, your dreams, and your business.

Back in 2016, I quietly started helping creative entrepreneurs get their businesses working for the way THEY were wired to work. Since then, we've helped our Incubator clients earn close to a million dollars in REAL Revenue - and many of those folks were starting from zero. Most of our graduates have gone on to do even better than that! Here's what a few of our students have said...

Client: Sue Kearney

"She’s smart, proactive, and meets me where I’m at, and then some! I admit my expectations were low as I haven’t had success with a strategist and biz assistant before, but wow! Those expectations are being met and massively exceeded."

Sue Kearney, Owner, Magnolias West

(In just one coaching call, Sue & I were able to create an entirely new business model and re-launch her offerings within a few weeks.)

Dr. Liz Powell

Lisa can help you find the right fit for you, in terms of moving forward in your business. When I started working with her, I was about to just give up and move to Southeast Asia, and I thought that this whole business thing was just bullshit, and I just needed to stop.

“She was able to help me get my priorities in line and start being a CEO and not just a worker. In the course of the time that we’ve worked together, I have more than doubled my business. I made more in February than I did in all of the previous year. And she has given me so much motivation and support, and I always feel like my work with her helps me be so much more effective, and  better at being the leader, the coach, and the therapist that I want to be.

Dr. Liz Powell - Author, "Building Open Relationships"

"Being one of Lisa's Incubator clients is hands-down, 100%, THE reason my business more than quadrupled last year and is on target to at least double again this year... It's a perfect combination of mindset overhaul, business & marketing how-to, and hands-on done-for-you. I HIGHLY recommend you see if it's for you.

-Tracy Lay, - Owner,

photo of Jared Tullos

"One of Lisa’s superpowers (among many) is seeing greatness in people, even when they can’t see it in themselves.

"Her X-Ray vision and expert guidance has helped me own the truth of who I am and what I’m able to accomplish. Since we started working together, I’ve made more money than I ever have in business for myself. And I’m living a life built around what’s most important to me. That’s the good stuff right there.

"Lisa, you rock. Thanks for everything. You’ve shown this weirdo it’s ok to be weird and still make a profit."

Jared Tullos - Copywriter, humorist

Turn Ideas Into Reality

When you want to build a profitable, sustainable business that's in alignment with your values, you simply cannot do it alone. I've found that in order to have clarity, confidence, and courage, each of us needs (to varying degrees) all of the following:

  • Coaching ("Help me figure this out!")
  • Accountability ("This is what I want. Please help me stay on track!")
  • Consulting/Mentoring ("You've already done this, tell me what to do next!")
  • Training ("Teach me how, so I can do it for myself")
  • Implementation ("Please do it for me, so I don't have to!")
  • Community (aka "I need to know I'm not alone in this big adventure!")

Depending on where you're at in your business and how full your plate is, you may need support in some areas more than others. That's why we've designed the Creative Freedom Incubator to meet you where you're at in your entrepreneurial journey.

Tools and resources that are just right for where you're at in your business development!

Look, I know we're all busy. But most of the time, we're busier than we'd need to be if we had a strategic plan of attack. Don't believe me? Think about ALL THE THINGS you manage to get done the day before you leave town for vacation. You have a plan, you execute on that plan, and you get shit DONE!

Inside the Creative Freedom Incubator, you'll have more clarity, get more of the RIGHT things done, and still have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor - maybe even more than you did before!

  • Have more time for yourself and your loved ones by creating a custom-strategy designed for you and your business to focus on the most impactful tasks and keep you on track toward your dreams and goals.
  • Stop the endless Googling by having professional help when you need it and access to experts who know their stuff, so that you never get stuck because you don't know what you don't know.
  • Get off the hamster wheel of hustle by staying focused on and accountable to the high-value tasks that move you closer to your dreams and goals - and have a strategy for when things go off the rails (hello, Covid-19!).

Add to that a real community of people who get you, who understand the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, and want to help celebrate your success and support your learning and growth, and you've got a glimpse of what's possible inside the Creative Freedom Incubator.

In order to effectively meet you where you're at, I've developed three different levels in the Creative Freedom Incubator. Here's a closer look at what's included in each level:

Level One: Individual

The Individual Level is for you if you're a solopreneur still figuring out how to create consistent cash flow in your business. You may not have a clear business model, or your audience isn't large enough to bring in any money on a consistent basis. At this level, you don't typically have a lot of money to invest. Your best use of income is to focus on finding a match between your offers and an audience big enough to create profit in your company so that you can grow. If you need market clarity, offer clarity (including pricing), or business model clarity, Level One can help.

Level One helps you handle the fundamentals and establish a baseline for business success. The Creative Freedom Apprenticeship deepens your skills in marketing, business management, and money management, while Overcoming Under Earning for Creative Entrepreneurs helps you untangle some money mindset issues common to early stage business owners. You'll develop and refine your business model, get clear on your right audience, and know how to market to them in a way that works!

You have regular group coaching, training, and co-working sessions to help you stay accountable to the goals you've set for your business. You'll also unlock access to our annual planning workshop the minute you enroll.

The best part? There's no long-term commitment. Try it for a month or stay for a year to reap the full benefits of membership. If you are accepted to the Pay-For-Results program, however, it's a full-year commitment.

Level Two: Community

The Community Level is for you if you've got a handle on the fundamentals and you realize you need more individualized support and attention to your specific business issues. At this level, you're typically bringing in consistent income (regardless of the amount) and you recognize you are the bottleneck in your business and it's time for a change. You may have difficulty determining what the next best step is for your business, or how to get the right help to implement that step. If you need systems and process clarity, brand clarity, or simply want to grow without doing more, Level Two can help.

Level Two helps you build on the success you've already created - without the hustle of doing more to get there. Here, it's about refining things so that it feels more effortless and gives you the freedom you've been craving. You're looking for ways to free yourself up so that you're not the bottleneck in your business anymore. You'll also build relationships with collaborators that can help propel you to success.

In addition to everything inside Level One, you'll also have email support and quarterly private coaching sessions that provide professional insight and accountability on the specific things that are holding you back in your business. You'll have a community of support inside Accountability Club - a tight-knit community I've been nurturing for over five years. Theres no hiding or ghosting in A-Club. Everybody knows (and cares about) everybody! There's weekly accountability check-ins at the beginning and end of the week to help you stay focused and celebrate your wins (or ask for help when you're stuck). You'll also be invited to our special quarterly virtual workshops: Business Model Design Intensive, Build Your Marketing Plan, and Create Your Content Marketing Calendar.

Because Level Two includes more personal support, we ask for a quarterly commitment from our clients. You can get a lot done in 3 months! If you are accepted to the Pay-For-Results program, it's a full-year commitment.

Level Three: Advanced

If you've been around a while, you may recognize this as a new and improved version of the original Incubator.

The Advanced Level is for you when you're ready to pass some of the day-to-day operations of your company over to a team of trusted pros who have your back and want to see you succeed. At this level, you typically have less time to put into the business, so you want to make the most of every second (and dollar!) you're investing. If you need marketing, operations, or administrative support to manage and grow your business, Level Three can help!

Level Three helps take you out of the day-to-day operations of the business so that you can focus on your zone of genius. You don't have time for a bunch of stuff you don't need, and what you need has to be easily available when you need it. Everything at this stage is tailored to your unique business needs, so you'll have ultimate say on what's included in your program - it all depends on what your business is trying to achieve. Unless you customize your package, you'll have 40 hours of hands-on help to develop and refine your business model, grow your reach, and put the systems and processes in place to run your business profitably and sustainably.

In addition to everything in Level Two, you also have 18 hours of private coaching sessions to help you stay on track with your growth goals. You'll also benefit from private half-day sessions for each of our quarterly workshops so that you can stay focused on YOU and your business. Plus our annual Virtual Retreat to help you get away from the day-to-day and focus on the long-term vision of your company.

The Advanced level is like having an executive coach, virtual assistant, business manager, copywriter, growth strategist, operations manager, and marketing assistant at your fingertips!

Please note: EVERYTHING at the Advanced level is available a la carte, so if you see something you don't want/need, we can customize the plan to fit your needs before you purchase. Because this level includes so much customization and hands-on support in your business, we require a 12-month commitment from our clients.

The Creative Freedom Incubator brings you end-to-end business support at a fraction of the cost of trying to do it yourself.

photo of Lisa

I'm a 25+ year veteran of creative entrepreneurship:

  • a musician and performing artist for decades (album 4 soon!)
  • two international business best-sellers (book 3 due 2021!)
  • worked with other best-selling authors to successfully launch their books into the world.
  • helped turn intellectual property into seven-figure online learning platforms and coaching programs.
  • launched new divisions of companies
  • turn around failing companies
  • helped solo-preneurs stop being the bottleneck in their business so that they can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Here's what I've learned about getting results:

  • What works well for an established entrepreneur may cripple a business in start-up - and vice versa. By identifying your particular stage of growth, we can develop the necessary systems and supports to keep your business running smoothly, regardless of the stage it's in.
  • What you are going through in your life will have an affect on your business. For most creative entrepreneurs a business problem is often a personal problem and vice versa.
  • You show up in the world with a particular set of preferences that make you a particular kind of creative entrepreneur. Instead of working against those preferences, we develop strategies to work with them, and help you do your best work more consistently.

Since 2017, The Creative Freedom Incubator has helped generate nearly $1M in Real Revenue for our clients - many of whom started at zero. We can help you, too!

“Here’s what I want to say about Lisa: She’s awesome.

“She has a tremendous heart and sense of caring, that comes out in wanting to roll up her sleeves and get things done. She also has a sophisticated, fun, open-hearted sense of marketing, with a lot of experience behind her.

“She gets the vision. She gets strategy. She gets the caring and love in taking care of the itty-bitty details…you can trust her…to care for your heart and your business.

Mark Silver, M. Div. - CEO, Heart of Business, Inc.

Lisa is stunningly effective.  Without her, our Simpleology Business Coaching program would not be anywhere near as good as it is.  She has a unique talent for bringing out the talents of others, and motivating people to take real action.  I’d hire her as a coach myself!”

Mark Joyner - #1 Bestselling Author and Founder of Simpleology

"Lisa is one of those people you just love from the first minute you talk to her. She reaches to your level, where ever that may be, and she knows just the right questions to ask to help you become THE BEST at whatever it is YOU want to achieve. She challenges you without being extreme or unrealistic; but, most of all, she knows your strengths and your potential and she genuinely knows how to bring that out in you — it’s actually pretty amazing how she does that!

“I’ve coached one-on-one with Lisa, as well as having hired her to do some training for my team and I can tell you that we all give her glowing reviews! It’s so nice to work with someone who has been where you are and has proven themselves!”

Phyllis O'Neill - Direct Selling Executive Director and multi Six-Figure Creative Entrepreneur

*wipes brow* Just got out of an amazing session with Lisa Robbin Young and let me just say….WOW! This woman knows her stuff! Equal parts biz brilliance and heart-centered goodness. I came out of it feeling totally inspired with some great ideas for my biz!

Brandy Morris - Entrepreneur

"In the 3 years that I’ve been building my internet business, Lisa Young is hands-down the best coach I’ve had. She is patient, personable, and knowledgeable – which, in my experience, is a combination that seems to be extremely rare in this field. (And I am not the easiest client to work with, to be sure.) I hope to draw on Lisa’s expertise for a long time."

John Topping - Author & Reviewer, Stage & Cinema

"Lisa's strength lies in spontaneously and accurately seeing a project (whether hers or someone else's) from a bigger picture view and then focusing like a laser beam on exactly what and how to improve or advance that project.

"The first time I spoke with Lisa regarding a project I was working on, I was struck by her instant understanding of what I needed and her intuitive sense of which direction I should move in. She is a master interviewer and can spontaneously personalize another's message, using her own experiences to make whatever someone else is sharing instantly more relatable to her audience.

"In short, Lisa is a brainstorming genius and brings a sharp, creative and spontaneous element to whomever she's coaching. I highly recommend you work with Lisa if you've hit a wall and need to move your ideas forward in new and creative ways."

Julie Anne Jones - CEO, Julie Anne Jones, Inc. and multi Six-Figure Creative Entrepeneur

"Lisa is a goldmine of sound advice for small business success. She has a wealth of practical, won-by-experience, knowledge, tools and tips that REALLY, really work and make sense. As a business coach, she knows how to ask the right questions to help small business owners cut through the misunderstandings, misconceptions and false ideas that hold us back. I have met few people in business with her level of expertise."

Eric Bryant - Wikipedia writing service

Our goal is to help you, where you're at, based on what YOU need to succeed.

Select the level that's right for you!

Monthly Commitment

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Pay For Results

PLEASE NOTE: Pay-For-Results and scholarship clients must apply for admission. APPLICATIONS ARE REVIEWED ON A FIRST-COME, FIRST SERVED BASIS and are usually admitted at the start of each month.

Not sure which level is right for you or want to customize your plan?

Let's talk! Not sure you're ready for a commitment like this? There are still several ways to get the support you need. Consider picking up a copy of Creative Freedom and be sure to register for the Rising Tide - our free learning library for creative entrepreneurs in the early stages of business building.

“Your insights are amazing and so powerful… and your sense of humor is unmatched!”

Mike Michalowicz - #1 Best-selling author of Profit First and Fix This Next

“I love Lisa’s energy and business tactics. She is a no-nonsense professional that goes straight for the gold every time. She is a great inspiration with all of her wonderful achievements and definitely someone I’m glad I have on speed dial. Lisa is highly recommended!”

Will Bearyman - CEO & Creative Director, SilverHook Studios

Questions? We've got answers!

What's an Incubator?

Business incubators are typically a combination of business development processes, infrastructure, financial and personal support designed to nurture a small business through their growth stages. You may be familiar with incubators in the tech sector, where start-ups get working space, advisors, and even financial support to bring their big idea into the world.

Traditional incubators don't work for creatives. Here's why...

  • Short term "push", with no guarantee of results. Traditional incubators give you 90 days to get your business growing - and if you don't make the cut, oh well! Next!
  • They want a piece of your company - forever. You're a creative, so you probably want to keep control of your vision - not turn it over to someone else.
  • Incubators groom your company for quick sale. "Forever" really means "as long as you own the company", which won't be long if they have any say (and they do). If you're like most creatives I know, you have no plan to stop doing what you love any time soon.
  • Lack of business development resources. You're building a business and you need to know how to keep it running. If you don't, there's nothing in the world that will keep you afloat. Most incubators simply don't provide the training to run a business (because they're going to sell it, remember?).
  • Most incubators don't care if you have a life. They make you uproot your business and relocate to where they are, regardless of what's happening in your life. As a creative entrepreneur, your business is an extension of who you are, and that needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to building your business.
  • Incubators for creatives are rare. If you're a musician, an actor, or in a holistic, healing arts, or metaphysical field? Fahgeddaboutit!

It's enough to drive you crazy! But that's not how I roll!

How Much Will This Cost?

That depends on you. You can opt to pay in full for any level. You can also make easy monthly installment payments at no additional charge. Alternatively, you can apply for the pay-for-results program and your payment will be calculated at that time.

What does "Pay For Results" Mean?

Your investment will vary based on the results of your business. If you are accepted into the Pay-For-Results program, you'll pay a lower monthly "retainer fee" for your program level. In exchange for that lower fee, you agree to pay us a percentage of your Real Revenue* for the duration of your enrollment. You can revert to a pay-in-full plan any time you choose. Simply put, we want you to succeed and believe that YOUR success is OUR success and we're willing to make that investment in you!

At the end of each month, you'll submit a Sales Report and we'll calculate your payment due. The highest commission percentage rate is 25% and varies based on the current status of your business and the level for which you're applying.

Let's say we have a 10% agreement with a $300 monthly retainer for Level 2. If your Real Revenue* for the month is $20,000, then you'd pay $300 retainer at the beginning of the month (to hold your space), and $1700 at the end of the month ($300 + $1700=2000). If you have no Real Revenue*, you'll pay only the $300 at the beginning of the month.

Retainer payments do not "carry over" from month to month. So, continuing the same example, if you pay $300 for three months with no Real Revenue, and then have a month with $20,000 in net sales, you'll still pay $1700 at the end of that month. Failure to accurately report your net sales or pay your percentage payment on time may result in removal from the Incubator

*Real Revenue = a calculation based on total income minus certain costs related to delivering your offers.

Please note: no refunds are available once your payment is processed. A 12-month commitment is required for all pay-for-results and Advanced level clients.

Does that mean you own part of my company?

Nope! I don't own your company, but you agree to pay a percentage of Real Revenue for the duration of our contract. I have no voting rights and no say whatsoever in your business. YOU are solely responsible for your company and its results.

Do you guarantee results?

Your results will vary. I've seen people jump in and make staggering progress in a couple of months. I've also seen people take 12-18 months to see much progress, but they are doing what they can as they are able. For us, it's less about speed and more about focus. If you don't continue to show up and do your part, it'll be hard for us to do ours.

If you choose the pay-for-results option, you'll have to report your results each month. That helps us keep an eye on your goals and gives us an opportunity to course correct, if needed, to keep you moving towards them.

In short, while I can't guarantee your results (no one can), I can guarantee that if you're doing the work, you'll see results. If things really aren't working, we'll do what we can to make it right.

How is this different from other online "incubators" I've seen?

There are other online programs that call themselves incubators, but are typically a Facebook group with a monthly zoom webinar and maybe some bonus "office hours" calls. Plus, they don't actually help you do the work of running your business. Instead, they provide a place to connect with other "like-minded" people, and some monthly training to help you feel like you're getting your money's worth. You'll still be left to implement on your own.

If you like more community, and sifting through lots of Facebook posts to try to find the help you need, then they are okay. But eventually, unless you're spending a lot of time in the group (which is great for the group owner's engagement rates on Facebook, but not so great for your valuable time and energy), you'll blend into the background and no one will miss you when you're gone.

The Creative Freedom Incubator offers consistent, personalized support, coaching, and training when you need it. Sure, there's an archive of training materials, but you're not left to fend for yourself and figure it out. You and I meet regularly, get clear on what needs to happen for your business to move forward, and then we get stuff done. TOGETHER.

What kind of help is available in the Advanced level?

We have a 90-day/3-month project focus. During our coaching sessions, we determine the needs for your company and assign tasks to our team as appropriate. Some of the work we've done includes:

  • Developing your marketing strategy
  • Video/audio editing
  • Book launch & promo plan development
  • PDF form creation & basic document design
  • Creating marketing copy for your blog, newsletters, membership group, or social media
  • Launching a new offering (and developing the launch timeline or marketing collateral)
  • Testing and refining a new revenue model
  • Researching new lead opportunities to grow your network
  • Brainstorming new lead generation tactics and strategies
  • Creating compelling ads for Facebook (or targeting the right audience)
  • Help with basic website issues (tweaking or updating copy, connecting your autoresponder, setting up automation, etc.)
  • Getting your financials in order (data entry, not bookkeeping).
  • and just about any other business task - except website development, accounting, legal, and call center functions.

We focus on high-impact tasks that have the best possible return on resources.

What if I need to cancel/modify my contract?

If you're in the pay-for-results or Advanced Level, you have a renewable 12-month contract. We are committing to each other to stay in the program and do the work to the best of our abilities for a full year. At the end of 12 months, we'll re-evaluate your contract and make adjustments to continue your plan if needed. Mid-term modifications to your contract are rare, based on program availability, and considered on a case-by-case basis.

How many people are in the Advanced level?

The Incubator varies in size, depending on the total contracted work commitment. Due to the nature of the program, and the amount of time my team and I are investing in each participant, Advanced level enrollment is currently capped at 11 to give our clients the best possible outcome for their investment.

What if I have other questions?

Use this handy-dandy contact form and let us know what you need to know!

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