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All these courses are currently available inside our learning library:

dreamblazing: ignite a path to your dreams


Plan. Do. Evaluate. Take it step-by-step and in just a few hours, you'll get clarity on what really matters to you and have a clear road map to achieving those goals and dreams in the next 12 months (and beyond)!

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Navigating Uncertainty


Our "Town Hall" session talking about my research on fear, uncertainty, and the everyday courage already within you.

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Raving Fans ToolKit

The 4 essential elements to building a profitable creative empire and developing your audience of Raving Fans.

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Find Your Audience

Your Raving Fans are already out there, looking for you. You just need to know where they are and how to reach them. Find Your Audience is a workshop designed to help you discover your best clients.

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Overcoming Underearning For Creative Entrepreneurs

Gain more confidence, clarity, and courage with "the money stuff" in your creative business!

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Path to Creative Freedom

Learn about the Creative Freedom Habits - the 9 habits of every successful creative entrepreneur. Tuition may be applied to the full course.

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Cashflow Creator

Find the REAL money in your business so you can grow with stability and greater ease.

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Grow Your List - Coming Soon

Coming Soon - A new workshop designed to help you build an engaged email list full of Raving Fans.

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Creative Freedom Apprenticeship

Creative Freedom Apprenticeship

Take your next step in building a solid foundation for your creative business. The Creative Freedom Apprenticeship is by your side every month to help you make good money doing what you love.

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