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How to keep going even when you feel overwhelmed [Creative Freedom S4E3]

Once upon a time, I ran ten miles and no one was chasing me. It was a bucket list thing, to run the Bobby Crim 10-mile road race in my hometown. So I suited up and, in a matter of just over 2.5 hours, managed to lose about 4 pounds. Ha. I also learned a […]

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5 Symptoms of Underearning [Creative Freedom S4E2]

We're tackling one of the biggest problems creative entrepreneurs face this week: underearning. Too many years of "paying your dues" working for free or for "exposure" have compounded the problem of creative entrepreneurs owning and asserting their value in the marketplace and charging fees equal to that value. Add to that a sense of shame or other […]

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The 6-figure Deception [Creative Freedom S4E1]

Hoo-rah! We're FINALLY back! Season 4 is underway, and we've got a slew of great episodes lined up. We kick off the season with a look at the 6-Figure deception, what it is, including real-life examples. I also talk about the differences between the 6-Figure Illusion and the 6-Figure Distinction, so you can understand how […]

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