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Episode 4: Saying No is Sexy! How to say no with class and authenticity

This is Season Four, Episode Four. Where we talk about how to say "no" with class and authenticity. Got someone who wants to pick your brain, ask you for a discount, or - GASP! - work for exposure? Need a classy way to say "um, no thanks!" without burning bridges or sounding like a jerk? […]

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Episode 3: How to keep momentum even when you're feeling overwhelmed

This is Season Four, Episode Three. The overwhelm episode. Overwhelm is a common trap for creative entrepreneurs caught in an underearning cycle. What can you do when you're knee deep in a project (or multiple projects) and have to keep going? Lisa shares what she learned running her first (and only) 10-mile foot race about how to […]

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Episode 2: The 5 Symptoms of Underearning

This is Season Four, Episode Two. Where we tackle the core symptoms of underearning that are common to most creative entrepreneurs. Just because you demonstrate any or all of these symptoms once in a while doesn't make you an underearner. But, if a pattern persists, you'll definitely want to look closer. This is the first […]

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Episode 1: The Six-Figure Deception

This is Season Four, Episode One. The one where you learn about what the Six-Figure Distinction is, with real life examples, ripped from the world of online marketing. It's different than the Six-figure Illusion or the Six-Figure Distinction, which I've talked about before. This is about chasing (or falling for) vanity metrics. I also take you […]

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Episode 0: The "WTF?" Episode

This is Season Four, Episode Zero. The “WTF” episode. The one where I tell you what this show is about, why you should listen, and why we're FINALLY launching a podcast. Download Season 4 Episode 0 | iTunes | Stitcher If you’re listening to just the podcast, you’re only getting about a third of the deal. I’ve […]

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