Build your first (or next) 6-figure revenue stream in the next 90 days

You've been at this solopreneur gig for a while, but things aren't turning out the way you planned. There's still a LOT of "solo" going on, and not as much profit. You're starting to feel like it's too much work, not enough joy, and maybe it's time to call it quits or do something different.

I know your pain. I've been a creative entrepreneur for over 20 years, so I've LIVED the ups and downs.

You're smart. You know your stuff, and you're pretty talented, if you do say so yourself. You've got some fans and followers, but nowhere near where you thought you'd be by now. You see other people who look like they're killing it, and you're scratching your head wondering WTF? How are they making so much progress when you're just spinning your wheels?

After all, you work hard - sometimes a little TOO hard, if you're honest. It can feel like being on a hamster wheel day in and day out. You're good at what you do, but turning it into stable, consistent income, well, that's been a challenge. You have a couple of great months and then a dry spell. Then you turn on the hustle and bring in the money again. But that's hard to sustain, so you relax your grip and things slow down again. I think Frank Sinatra sang it best:

"You're ridin' high in April, shot down in May."

Being in a state of perpetual hustle isn't healthy, yet it's hard to maintain momentum when it's just you (or you and a VA). The feast or famine cycle is driving you to seriously consider selling everything you own to move to a remote island in the Pacific - where the weather's nice and the cost of living is low enough that you can make ends meet without worrying about profitability every month. Then, you can at least pretend you're living that "laptop lifestyle" you keep seeing plastered all over the interwebs.

Don't throw in the towel just yet!

Yes! You CAN make good money doing what you love - without selling your soul!

I know you. You're like so many of my clients.  Loaded with talent and credentials galore. An MBA, PhD, or decades of experience. You're smart. Probably a little too smart for your own good, and you're tired of being the best-kept secret in town. You've got a hotbed of potential that you FINALLY want to live up to!

And you're busy - hoo doggie are you busy! You've got a life, thankyouverymuch, and it's a priority. Whether it's family demands, chronic health issues, or a general desire for a better way of life, the typical 8-to-5 work day just isn't for you. And IF you've still got a day job, you're ready to leap - for good - if only you could figure out how.

But all that busy work isn't translating into moolah... at least not like you thought it would. You might even be in credit card hell from all the courses, training, and "masterminds" you've bought in the past. Some of it was useful, some of it not so much, but figuring out how to put it all into practice? Well, that's taking more time and energy than you have to give.

Oh, and did I mention all your ideas? So many great ideas that just seem to slip through your fingers before you can implement. Someone is making millions off the stuff you just can't get out into the world fast enough. Business model? Systems & processes? Yeah. They sound good in theory, but like Mark Schultz sang, most days you're running to catch yourself. Your strength is in the creating, and making magic happen. The business-stuff isn't coming together as easily.

That's where I come in.

Six figures in a year or less might sound hype-y, but...

I've done it many times for creatives just like you. I'm Lisa Robbin Young, your host for this shindig.

I've been an independent creative entrepreneur for over 20 years. I cut my teeth on the Internet, building one of the first-ever e-commerce websites back in the 90's (when I was 19). I launched a manufacturing company in my 20's and parlayed my internet know-how into an online marketing consultancy in my 30's. I've been on the launch teams for nearly a dozen best-selling business books (and counting). And my business incubator is one of the first of its kind for creative entrepreneurs.

And my 40's have just begun!

I've seen and done a lot: 3 indie albums, 2 indie books (one of them an Amazon international best-seller) with a third on the way, awards for writing, music, and more. I've bought, sold, and lost businesses. Bankruptcy. Single parenthood. Special needs kids. Homelessness. Divorce. I've hit rock bottom and bounced back thriving.

I've made the hard mistakes so you don't have to.

In the process of all this "concentrated living" I've learned what it really takes to own a profitable, sustainable business. It's not just fluffy mindset stuff, and it's not all about tactics and strategies. You need both. My work blends can-do motivation with brass tacks how-to implementation, which gives my clients exceptional results. Like going from vague idea to income in about 6 months, or tripling revenue in 90 days. Or turning a company that's bleeding money into a profitable business again (in 3 months). That's just three of the clients I've worked with. What could happen in your business?

To be clear: this program won't help you MAKE 6 figures in 90 days. Well, it might, but I'm not promising that. What I AM promising is that over the next 90 days you'll build out a clear path and be on your way to a 6 figure annualized income, with a REAL idea of how long it's going to take for you to hit that goal.


Lisa is stunningly effective.  Without her, our Simpleology Business Coaching program would not be anywhere near as good as it is.  She has a unique talent for bringing out the talents of others, and motivating people to take real action.  I’d hire her as a coach myself!”

– Mark Joyner
#1 Bestselling Author and Founder of Simpleology

Creativity is inevitable. Starving is optional.

One of the things I've learned through the years is that it's HARDER to do everything on your own. Believe me, I've tried. So many times projects got stalled because there just wasn't enough of ME to go around. I was just. too. busy.

Sound familiar?

So many creatives come to the business world with a patchwork quilt of knowledge they've cobbled together from DIY courses and books they've read. Very often, there's a problem with the pieces in their quilt - and it's not what you think.

Most people think there's a missing piece.

"If I can just figure out this one thing, then I'll be set." I hear them say. Then they go all out trying to DIY their way to a solution.

But their focus is on tactics: ads, traffic, lead generation, conversion, sales. In short, their quilt has too many pieces in all the wrong places. Instead, they need to be focused on strategy: how to put the right pieces together in the right places and cut out the extra fluff they don't need to be successful. 

My work is not for the faint of heart. I bring everything I've got to my clients and expect them to do the same. I challenge them to look for a new path - a better path that works for who they are and what they want to bring to the world - even if it doesn't fit the mold of what's "typical" in their industry. We explore possibilities, challenge assumptions, and - above all - work together to help them build a life and a business they are proud of.

For years, I've worked with creative entrepreneurs across the spectrum to help them shine a light on their Great Work and get in the fast lane of business growth. My focus is helping them find what works for their unique situation. While each client is different, the results are similar:

  • More free time to focus on what really matters
  • More income (some clients double or triple their income in just a few months)
  • The confidence to say "no" to what doesn't fit and "HELL YES!" to what does
  • Clarity on how to be the business owner, instead of an employee
  • Courage to do the scary things that lead to big gains (in life and work)
  • A greater sense of self-worth
  • More freedom to enjoy it all
  • and more

After years of working one-on-one with creative entrepreneurs like you, I wanted to create a way to give those kinds of exceptional results to a larger audience, which is why I'm inviting you to...

Make This Your Breakout Year!

If you're a child of the 80's, you might remember that song from Swing Out Sister. Finding your break and taking it. Getting over lost confidence, and not leaving your destiny to chance. Laying down the law, saying what you want to say...

It's time for you to break out and go from being a best-kept-secret in your industry to a shining light in the world.  Time to get off the hamster wheel of hustle and out of the funk of your own disbelief.

Mark Silver, M. Div. CEO of Heart of Business, Inc.

“Here’s what I want to say about Lisa: She’s awesome.

“She has a tremendous heart and sense of caring, that comes out in wanting to roll up her sleeves and get things done. She also has a sophisticated, fun, open-hearted sense of marketing, with a lot of experience behind her. She gets the vision. She gets strategy. She gets the caring and love in taking care of the itty-bitty details…you can trust her…to care for your heart and your business.

– Mark Silver, M. Div.
CEO, Heart of Business, Inc.

Get the clarity and confidence you need to  own your dreams - without selling your soul!

This is where it gets fun. Your Breakout Year is built on the proven, battle-tested principles I teach my clients.  It's what I'm writing about in my new book, Creative Freedom. It's all the mechanics of building a profitable, sustainable business, PLUS the mindset pieces that are necessary to make the income leaps you've been aiming at for years. Most workshops only offer one or the other, but I've found that you need the right mix at the right time.  Too much mindset, and you're spinning your wheels, feeling excited, but stuck. Too many mechanics, and you're overwhelmed with options, and exhausted just thinking about implementing them.

All that changes with Your Breakout Year.

How it works:

You'll be the FIRST to get access to this training - before my book is even published!

In our 12 weeks together, you'll get specific training in the Creative Freedom approach. You'll identify your Creative Entrepreneur Type, learn about its blind spots and strengths, and begin defining and designing your dream life and business. You'll create a 12 month plan for your life and business built around your 5 Key Areas of Success, a model I developed to create an intentionally balanced approach to work and life.

Using my proprietary 360-degree business design system, you'll learn the mechanics of finding, connecting with, and marketing to your right audience in ways that work for who you are and how you best show up in the world. No more throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks! No more ick about sales, and marketing! You'll also learn the key mindset lessons that take you from being an employee in your company to being at the helm of your very own Noble Empire.

Mindset + Mechanics = Success on YOUR Terms

What's more, you can go at a pace that works for you. Take it a week at a time, or bang it out in a few days, if that's your style. I'll send you an email each week to check in on your progress, but YOU set the tempo. Each lesson includes a "time to complete" estimate so that you can schedule time in your calendar to not just consume the lesson, but also do the work so you can experience the results.

By the end of our time together, you'll have a clear path forward for the next 12 months in your life and creative enterprise - focused on what really matters to you. You'll also have an understanding of how to actually bring that plan to life in a way that works for you, and how to course correct as life happens along the way.

Gives me goosebumps - like when Nina Simone (or Michael Buble if you're a youngster) sang that famous refrain from "Feelin' Good". It's time for your new day, a life and work focused on what's most important to you, and getting your message out to an audience that's been waiting to ask you "Where have you been all my life?!?"


“Lisa’s strength lies in spontaneously and accurately seeing a project (whether hers or someone else’s) from a bigger picture view and then focusing like a laser beam on exactly what and how to improve or advance that project.

“The first time I spoke with Lisa regarding a project I was working on, I was struck by her instant understanding of what I needed and her intuitive sense of which direction I should move in.

“In short, Lisa is a brainstorming genius and brings a sharp, creative and spontaneous element to whomever she’s coaching. I highly recommend you work with Lisa if you’ve hit a wall and need to move your ideas forward in new and creative ways.”

– Julie Anne Jones
CEO, Julie Anne Jones, Inc.

Your Investment...

When you consider how much time and money you'll save by NOT spinning our wheels, NOT spending money you don't have for more tactics that don't even work for your entrepreneur type, the investment in Your Breakout Year will bring you a positive return pretty quickly. But let's look at the longer term: the peace of mind you'll get from knowing exactly what to work on, what to delegate, and how to afford it; the stable sources of revenue that fit like a glove, because the pricing feels right and your clients adore you. The freedom you'll have because you're the business owner now, not just an employee in your company.

Can you imagine finally breaking six figures in the next year? Or adding that new revenue stream you've been dreaming about? Or getting featured in national media or on big stages for the first time - then making it a regular thing? My clients have done it, and so could you. What would that be worth to you?

Let's talk REAL dollars...

Old-school marketing says to compare "apples to oranges" and use "retail values" (that people never actually pay) to make my offer appear over-the-top valuable. Who needs that when I can show you REAL value? My top-tier coaching clients have paid over $600 for an hour of my time. That's $7200 for the same strategies you'll be learning in this course. You're also getting 3 months of support in my Accountability Club to help you implement and stay on track during the course. That's a real world investment of $177 that I'm giving you to help you make faster progress during the program. Compared to my one-on-one coaching time, that doesn't sound like much, but trust me when I say A-club is a group you want to be part of. You'll get the support and encouragement of other creatives working on building their dreams, celebrating their wins, sharing what's working, and getting help when things go off the rails. Plus, I'll be in there to help answer questions and provide guidance that's specific to your unique situation.

Oh, AND you'll have this knowledge and the skills to be able to replicate your success year after year!

So I could easily charge $3000 for Your Breakout Year. If you parlayed this training into a six-figure revenue stream, that's a potential 3333.33% return on your investment. Wall Street would be jealous!

Since this is a pilot program, I won't ask you to invest anywhere near that amount. You can join me today for three payments of $500 or pay in full for $1000 for added savings. No psychological "triggers" in my pricing. You either see the value, or you don't. Three bucks shouldn't change that.

PLUS - $100 toward your ticket to Creative Freedom LIVE

This is where many marketers "pile on the bonuses" in an attempt to part you from your money and get you to say "YES!" faster. That's not how I roll. First of all, I know these concepts and strategies have worked for many of my clients across a variety of industries. So I don't need to trick you into buying. If you're ready, if you know this is something that can help you move forward, then you'll want to join us.

That said, I can be a little selfish. When my students are successful, I want to know about it, celebrate it, and soak up their awesomeness. I also want to help keep the momentum going. So when you pay in full today, I'll give $100 toward your seat at Creative Freedom Live. You can join me in Nashville October 12-14, where we'll be working on the next phase of your business model, backed by the power of in-person group energy. You'll be able to connect with other creative entrepreneurs like you, who are ready to step into the bigger vision of their Noble Empire. It's a great opportunity to check in on the progress you've made from the summer AND map out the rest of 2018.

Design a business that works for your unique situation

What would it feel like to know exactly how to navigate next year before this year ends? To know you have a strategy you can MOVE on and see real progress (real income) - and not have to kill yourself to make it happen?

You can have that kind of clarity when you register for Your Breakout Year. Here are the specifics:

  • 12 easy-to-digest modules in our "go at your own pace" training portal
  • Weekly email support for the duration of the 12-week program
  • 3 months access to Accountability Club for additional support
  • Begins July 10, 2017
  • A bonus of $100 paid toward your tuition for Creative Freedom Live when you choose the pay in full option.

"YES! I'm ready to break out!"

"Yes, Lisa, I'm excited to get off the hamster wheel  of hustle and see some real growth in my business this year! I understand I'm part of a pilot program, and want to make this special investment now, before the program fills.  I acknowledge that I have read and agree to your terms and conditions (opens in a new window).  Please register my enrollment for Your Breakout Year. I'm looking forward to starting with you on July 10!

3 payments of $500

($500 today, $500 per month for the next 2 months - AVAILABLE UNTIL JUNE 30)

Pay in full $1000

(Includes $100 toward your ticket to Creative Freedom Live!)

Have questions? Reach out. I'll be there to help!

This level of investment not in your budget? I've been there. I totally get it. Consider joining Accountability Club, my private community for creative entrepreneurs.

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