Author: Lisa Robbin Young

How to Move Your Business Back Up The Ladder Without Too Much Stress

Has your business fallen down a few notches on the ladder? Try not to worry too much as it happens to the best of us at times. It’s not the worst thing in the world as it can be fixed. It is going to take some times and dedication on your part, but it can […]

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How to Manage Difficult Clients

When you run a small business, you often feel like you should be grateful for every client you can get. However, most of us have experienced at least one client who is difficult, to say the least! They may be providing your business with money, which is always welcome, but dealing with them can feel […]

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Book of the Week: "Get Different" by Mike Michalowicz

When I was in first grade, my teacher saw me browsing the titles in the 4th grader section of the library. She tried to guide me back to the beginning readers, but I was undeterred. I wanted to read Charlotte's Web. Mrs. McKellar wasn't convinced, so she opened to a random page, pointed to a […]

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How to Manage Your Personal Brand

At some point, every entrepreneur will need to begin managing their personal brand. What is a personal brand? It's your reputation as an entrepreneur and leader in the community that surrounds you. When should you start to consider online reputation management services? Perhaps sooner than you think. Genesis When entrepreneurs begin building their businesses, they […]

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How to Identify The Biggest Risks In Your Business

No business owner likes to hear the word 'risk'. Whenever you hear it, you instantly shift a little in your seat and start to grumble. You've put your heart and soul into this business - along with a lot of money - so the last thing you want to do is take big risks.  By […]

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How To Price Your Products And Why Fair Prices Can Make You More Money

Maintaining good prices as a business is crucial to attract the most customers and maintain regular sales. Whether you are working on launching your next offer or trying to increase the sales of existing products, it is important to maintain fair yet competitive prices to attain regular customers. Here are some top tips for how […]

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How to launch your next offer successfully

Are you thinking about launching a new product on the market through your business? If you listen to many of the folks in the internet marketing world, this can be a complicated process. In truth, it CAN be as easy as a paypal button and inviting folks to purchase, but usually, you've got a few […]

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How to Think About Starting Your Own Business

Starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur, like Andy Defrancesco, can be one of the most rewarding things that you ever do in your life. It gives you the ultimate freedom and flexibility to do something that you love every day. It means you can work on your own passion and that you will be […]

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Is Crowdfunding Right For Your Creative Business?

Crowdfunding is a popular route for businesses that need to raise money these days. Relying on a large pool of small investors that are passionate about your idea is often more attractive than pitching to single investors, especially if you are a creative business with a clear vision. However, there are two sides to this […]

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How to run your business without stifling your creativity

If you run a creative business, your venture is likely built on a passion for what you do. Many creative entrepreneurs launch their companies to escape the constraints of being managed by a boss or to enable themselves to enjoy the freedom of not answering to anyone but themselves. Becoming your own boss and being […]

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