Author: Lisa Robbin Young

Bad Reviews Got You Down? Try This.

I remember my first one-star review on Amazon like it was yesterday. It was totally irrelevant to the content of the book. It was almost like they posted a 1-star review just to be seen, but not because they actually read The Secret Watch! No one likes to read negative reviews about their business, but […]

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How to Develop a Sustainable Marketing Strategy for Creative Entrepreneurs

In this week’s dose of empowerment for creative entrepreneurs, I’m keeping my word. Last time, I told you we’d dig into how to build a sustainable marketing strategy for your business.

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Make your marketing easier

Being a business owner doesn’t mean you will be skilled in running every area of your company. One area managers often struggle with is marketing. Marketing is essential for any business. It’s the difference between a brand that is alive and well or one that is dying a slow and painful death. That might sound dramatic, […]

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Ways to manage team growth

Your company is growing. Maybe you're selecting your first V.A. right now, or maybe you've grown beyond that and things are getting a bit more complicated. Whatever your situation, your staff are integral to your company. You need the right people in the right roles and if they’re not performing well, this can play havoc […]

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Asking for help: advice to make it easier

Being self-sustaining has obvious perks, mainly that you can always depend on yourself to get the job done. However, trying to do everything on your own can also lead to your downfall as an entrepreneur. You only have one set of hands and you can't possibly be trained in every aspect of the business (unless […]

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Branding done right - for you and your buyers

Being married to a Grammy-nominated graphic designer is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, he's super humble and very customer focused. He WANTS you to have the best possible design for the investment you're making. On the other hand, details matter to him in ways that I wouldn't even think of. That's […]

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Business Planning for 2021: 5 Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

In today’s dose of empowerment for Creative Entrepreneurs, we’re getting tactical and practical. By that, I mean, we’re looking at your planning for your business. Now, I don’t mean business plans - which I believe are mostly useless for creative entrepreneurs ...

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How To Find The Confidence To Launch Your Online Business

We live in a world where it’s easier than ever before to launch an online business. However, just because it’s easy to do from a logistical point of view doesn’t mean that it’s easy from a mindset standpoint. It takes confidence to start any type of business, online or off. There are plenty of folks […]

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Make your live event unforgettable

With everything that happened in 2020, you may not be thinking about doing an in-person event anytime soon. I get it. We had to take our annual client retreat online into a virtual format last year, and it was good, but it was definitely different than being in the same room together. Hosting an event […]

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Here's How To Make Your Business Stand Out From The Rest

"Look at me!" I'm pretty sure that was one of the first things I ever learned to say as a child. Being the middle child made me feel like I always had to compete for attention with my siblings. Especially my baby sister. She was born on Leap Year, which made her special, according to […]

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