Author: Lisa Robbin Young

Is Crowdfunding Right For Your Creative Business?

Crowdfunding is a popular route for businesses that need to raise money these days. Relying on a large pool of small investors that are passionate about your idea is often more attractive than pitching to single investors, especially if you are a creative business with a clear vision. However, there are two sides to this […]

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How to run your business without stifling your creativity

If you run a creative business, your venture is likely built on a passion for what you do. Many creative entrepreneurs launch their companies to escape the constraints of being managed by a boss or to enable themselves to enjoy the freedom of not answering to anyone but themselves. Becoming your own boss and being […]

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How to turn your struggling business around

Building a business the first time around can be challenging, but turning a struggling one around could even be more daunting if you don’t do it right. According to Investopedia, although 45% of businesses fail in the first five years, less than half of that percentage actually make a comeback or turn things around. 2% feels like awful odds, […]

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4 must-have tools to help your start-up stand out

Operating a business of your own, paying overhead, salaries (including paying yourself!), taxes, etc. can be stressful. When you're new in business, you've got to make every penny count. The number one goal of any business in startup is to get out of Early Struggle before you run out of resources. That means finding enough […]

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Increasing Your Brand's Visibility: How to Grow Brand Awareness as a Creative Entrepreneur

This week we’re going to focus on brand visibility, but not until I tell you a story about Marvin the rooster. That’s right, a neighbor’s stray rooster is going to teach the importance of brand visibility for your company.

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How to stand out with offline marketing methods

Regardless of what sort of business you run, what sort of ethic you want to embody, or the relative quality of the product or service you are providing, you need ways to stand out and be seen in the marketplace. Marketing is a must for every business, in one form or another. Over the last […]

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Create Stand-out Content That Gets You Seen

As we roll into the content marketing episodes of this season of Creative Freedom, you're going to see that there are many different elements that help you create a strong online presence for your business. From your website’s design to your use of social media, your marketing strategy includes a variety of tactics and elements […]

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Website Not Getting Any Hits? Here’s How To Fix It

Websites are both easy and hard to create these days. Sure, it’s simple to sign up for a web building service and "have a website" in just a few clicks, but that doesn’t always make for a good website. Even if you hire a web designer like my brilliant friend, Tracy, you'll only end up […]

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4 ways to make your business more organized

Starting your own business can be extremely daunting, particularly when you are trying to do #allTheThings and stay on top of a million different tasks for your company. Don't let the long list of things to do overwhelm you. Instead, step back, and try these four tips (one at a time!) to better organize your […]

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How To Stay In Flow As A Creative Entrepreneur

Whether you're a Chaotic, Linear, or Fusion Creative, we all need at least a little bit of "flow" in our work. Those times when things just feel effortless and time flies (in a good way). Chaotics need more time in flow than Linears do, but we all have that need. to some degree. There are […]

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