Meet Our Team

When you work with me, you're getting the full power of Ark Entertainment Media behind you. Our team of independent creatives brings years of experience to the table to make sure your project is pitch-perfect.

While I may tap a variety of people, depending on your project needs, these are the go-to folks upon whom I regularly depend. They are the bee's knees and treat your project with the same level of care and commitment as I do.

Jackie Rodriguez is a content strategist over at, where she works on content creation with small, online businesses and entrepreneurs committed to ethical business and marketing practices. Also a Golden Girls fanatic and self-proclaimed dessert connoisseur, Jackie lives in sunny South Florida with her husband, toddler, and three dogs. 

Ashley Onadele  is a virtual assistant and travel junkie. Ashley loves research, copy, organizing, planning and when the world opens back up, exploring! She and her high school sweetheart turned husband have two small children under 3 years old at home and she loves being able to use her skills as the CEO of her household on professional projects.

Phoenix Veritas Kelley is a UX/web designer and coder and the founder of Transmogrifier Media. Nix loves marketing, writing code, social justice, bonfires in the backyard, stars, and Twitter. They are also a Feminist Marketing Consultant and have been working online since 2007. Nix has four kids and a spouse, and probably more domain names than strictly necessary.

Ted Kusio ( is a self-proclaimed “Webhead” who builds all sorts of stuff for the web: sites, apps, and animated content. After doing this for big companies like Macy’s, Vogue and The New York Times, he’s now doing it for smaller businesses out of Minneapolis. He also draws unlikely robots and oddly shaped words.

Tracy Lay of is a weird introvert with a penchant for design, dancing, and dogs, a passion for books and branding, and a weakness for wordplay. A lifelong artist and 20+ year graphic design pro, she's all about translating giant collections of words and ideas into gorgeously cohesive communications, whether book, brand, or website.

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