He was laying in that hospital bed for several days. Stubborn, cantankerous.

He’d had difficulty breathing when they admitted him, but this eighty year-old man was a fighter, and while he hadn’t been eating well for the past few weeks, his strength was contagious. His children, gathered in the room, listened to him tell off the nurses, the doctors, and just about everyone that entered the room.

He talked about how he wasn’t done living yet. He just bought a new house. He just celebrated his 80th birthday. He had a grandson he wanted to watch grow up. He was a vigorous “old dude” that didn’t give up easily.

His vitals looked good, and no one knew what was causing the trouble. All signs pointed to stress, maybe from making that move, or not getting enough rest.

After a couple of days in the hospital, test results came back.

“You’ve got a tumor the size of a baseball on your lung. It’s causing pressure on your stomach when you eat too much, which, is presumably why you’re not eating.” the doctor said.

“Cancer?” said the old man. “Well, I guess that’s it.”

Less than a day later, he was dead. [click to continue…]


It started innocently, as revolutions often do.

I’ve been working (and re-working) my branding and messaging for the past year, and nothing really seemed to hit the mark. I dove into course after course that offered bits and pieces of what I was hoping would help me craft a clearer direction for me as both an artist and entrepreneur. As usual, some were better than others. While class is still in session in at least one of those programs, I want to update you on a major ah-ha I got from Revolution U, the brainchild of author and all-round good guy, Jonathan Fields.

“You say you want a revolution? Well….”

It probably sounds better when the Beatles sing it.  Jonathan’s premise is that instead of creating a business, we can create a commercial revolution that sets us apart in our industry as well as in the minds of our biggest fans. We stand for something bigger than just the “stuff” we sell.

That sounds like a pretty sexy idea to me. 

RevU takes you through a series of exercises and prompts to ultimately identify the core idea of your revolution. Jonathan asks what you’re moving away from and what will supplant the old dictatorial regime. For me, it boiled down to one simple idea:

When we stop dreaming, we start dying.

As kids, our hearts are full of whimsical fantasies and never-ending stories about our biggest dreams. Firemen, princesses, becoming a rock star. We keep on dreaming until, one day, something happens, or someone else enters our lives and slowly, those dreams get squashed, squelched, or otherwise relegated to some dusty corner in the attic of our minds… often to never be revisited again.

motivational-quote_152264-1That’s when death begins. It’s slow, plodding, and sad. Most of the time, we don’t even realize it’s happening to us. Someone tells us we’re too loud, or too enthusiastic, or a bit obnoxious about our dream, so we turn the volume down. Little by little, [click to continue…]


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March 21, 2014

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March 11, 2014

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